Early Childhood Education


Our program provides a wide range of rich learning experiences including explicit and intentional teaching while integrating play-based learning. Our program encourages children to question and wonder about their world, while encouraging and developing strong foundations in Literacy and Numeracy. 


Children are free to explore the environment in ways that enhance their learning opportunities.

Children are encouraged to be autonomous, independent thinkers, as well as develop collaborative skills to work with others.


All children will feel nurtured, respected and supported with warm positive relationships in a safe, consistent and caring environment.

We recognise and celebrate diversity and provide an inclusive program.


Learning environments are carefully planned to ensure that children are provided with the opportunity to engage in stimulating, meaningful experiences.

Learning begins at home!

The Learning Begins at Home video is for parents and carers of children up to four years of age. The video focuses on how parents can support children to develop and learn in their early years.


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