Our Staff

Introducing the staff of Forrestdale Primary School for 2021.

We have a dynamic team of 35 staff members, bringing a range of youth and experience, diversity, talent, full time and part time, and, most of all, dedication to bringing out the best for our students.

Administration Team


Mr Wayne Bariolo

Deputy Principal

Mrs Samantha Reich

Library Officer

Ms Abby Mosley

Manager of Corporate Services

Mrs Alison Smith & Mrs Leah Brown

School Officer 

Ms Joanne Cairns

School Chaplain

Ms Tina Ma'a

Teaching Staff

Year 5/6 Teacher

Mrs Anna Fletcher

Year 3/4 Teacher

Miss Laura Jackson

Year 2 Teacher

Ms Noelene Walters

Year 4/5 Teacher

Miss Stephanie Webb

Year 3 Teacher

Mrs Renee Cornell

Year 1/2 Teacher

Miss Krystal Jager

Year 1 Teacher

Ms Catherine Cozens

Pre-Primary Teacher

Mrs Joanne Dayman

Pre-Primary Teacher 

Mrs Joan Smithson

Year 1 Teacher

Ms Teresa Wisson

Pre-Primary Teacher 

Miss Xochilt Devereux

Kindy & ECE Art Teacher 

Miss Hannah Woods

Kindy Teacher 

Miss Isabel Matthews

Phys Ed Teacher and Learning Support Coordinator

Mr Edward Melville

Indonesian Teacher

Mrs Javeen Kaur

Kindy/Pre-Primary Teacher 

Mrs Natasha Cominelli

Music Teacher 

Mrs Janis Cullen

Science Teacher

Miss Kaitlyn Vegvari

Education Assistants


Mrs Shainyn Devereux


Miss Chantal Tysoe

Pre- Primary

Mrs Tanya Mabbott


Mrs Leah Keens

Education Assistant -Additional Support

Mrs Jill Gillam

Education Assistant -Additional Support

Ms Leah Penn

Education Assistant -Additional Support

Mrs Rebecca Anderson

Education Assistant - Additional Support

Miss Tahlia May

Non-Teaching Staff


Mr Phil Morgan


Mrs Sue Barnett

Head Cleaner

Mr Danny Schafer


Mr Perry Vulfiuss

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