Our school dress and presentation requirements are tangible evidence of the high standards expected of and achieved by the Forrestdale Primary School Community. The benefits of our school dress code include: promoting a positive image of our school and creating a sense of identity among students; promoting safety of students through easy identification; keeping costs of clothing within reasonable limits for parents; and assisting students to learn the importance of appropriate presentation.


  • Yellow school polo shirt with logo
  • Leavers shirts for year 6 students - Black polo with school logo
Jackets / Jumpers
  • Black fleece jacket with school logo
  • Black microfibre jacket with school logo
  • Black shorts, pants, skorts, skirt or track pants
  • The Black reversible Faction Bucket Hat is compulsory for wear all year round
  • The school policy is “No School Hat – No Play” and runs all year round, including play, physical education, excursions and other designated events.

The Forrestdale Primary School Uniform is available through the school  P & C. 


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