Our Community


What Parents are Saying

Forrestdale Primary School has been a treasured part of the community since 1978.  Some of our teachers have had the pleasure of watching their children and grandchildren grow up here and many of our parents attended the school themselves as kids.

“Forrestdale Primary School has done wonders for my son's overall learning experience and grades. The teachers have fresh new ways on how to maximise the children's learning abilities in a fun and effective way, by teaching them through life experiences they will actually use.” – Dickinson family

“We love Forrestdale Primary School because it’s a small, student-focused school that is welcoming and has a country charm about it.” – Wenban family

“We have found Forrestdale to be such an accommodating school. They have always gone above and beyond to help our children learn, catering for individual learning styles through a true understanding of each child. The teachers nurture positive self-esteem and values within their classes.” – Horridge family

“We’ve got such a great little school.  Other people I speak to hate how big their schools are.  The teachers here care about their students and the school.” – Hancock family

“Forrestdale is a school that listens to and respects its parents and students.” – Parent at FPS

“I love Forrestdale Primary School and all five of my children have attended here. My youngest son is going through now and he looks forward to going to school every day. The children learn in a caring atmosphere, in stimulating classroom environments.  We recommend this school to anyone with children in the area.”
– Hermens family

“We love the sense of community.  My kids are happy to come to school every morning.” – McCarrol family

“Forrestdale has great teachers and staff.  The small school allows teachers to get to know and work with all children at their own levels.” – Parent at FPS

“It's a great school to send your kids.  We have always had excellent teachers, a great parent community and we've made some really great friends here.”
– Stanborough family

“I like how Forrestdale works collaboratively with families - giving us the opportunity to play an important role in helping our children to achieve learning across all areas. This school makes academic excellence possible for all.” – Ball family

“Forrestdale has a safe community feel, happy children, small classes and one on one attention.  The teachers are caring, encouraging and friendly.  I went to FPS myself and cannot recommend it enough.” – Parent at FPS

“I love Forrestdale Primary because it’s a small school and everyone knows everyone!” – Thomas family

“I was looking for a well-rounded school that could not only aid my kids to be confident for their life outside of school but also one that would give them the education required.  Forrestdale Primary School completely exceeded my expectations.” – McBride family